Pride Street Profit Bar High (89)

profit bar

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Profit Bar High 89

The Profit bars are high and wide, making them a perfect fit for street bikes that are usually built around low rigid forks, low head tubes, low integrated headsets and drop bmx stems.

To make the Profit, we start by  modeling all situation in Cad program with our high quality ingeniers, after we buy the best Japanese cromoly that is available on the market. Next, the bars go through a complex process of multiple butting and shaping. We use our own specifically designed tools to get the unique shape and butting– note that all the bends have a large radius to minimise material deformation and get that special relaxed look. After that the bars go through a carefully controlled heat treating process, and later they are ready to get the high end finish using powder coat paint and decals under a clear coat of paint.

The Profits fits both BMX & MTB stems as they are 22.2 clamp size but the 25.4->22.2mm shims are included. Now available in several new finishes.

All bars were stress tested for 2 years. We make really big work with this bars. Profit 89 is perfect for barspins and all style riding, special angeles provide you more control over your bike.

 material: heat-treated 4130 cromoly steel
 clamp 22.2 mm (incl. shims for 25.4 mm)
 width: 725mm
 rise: 89mm
 backsweep: 7°
 upsweep: 5°
 weight: ~420g black, ~430g chrome & painted
 colours: black, lemon lime, chrome

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