Pride-Street Shred Frame 26″

shred frame

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Our shred frame for true mtb riders, tested for 4 years ! ( new production, new improvements )
SHREDFRAME 26″ is frame primarily designed for dirt, street killing and park,
due to the perfect geometry will cope well in any of these places!
+ you have perfect control in the air

It is made of repeatedly triple butted Cro-Mo steel and this strengthened it.
Perfect geometry was reached by using very short top tube and chain stay, and perfect angels.

Frame has clean design: Integrated headset, Spanish BB, 135*10 hub, only disk brake mounts.

From riders to riders.

Material: Stal Cro-mo 4130
TT : 555 mm – 26″
CS: 375 mm – 26″
ST : 275 mm
Head angle : 72′
Seat angle: 72,7′
Spacing: 135x10mm
Brake mount: only disk
Headset: Integrated
Seat clamp: Integrated
Bottom bracket: Spanish
Seatpost diameter: 25,4mm

Weight: 2,41kg (~53bs)


Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 12.23.44 PM.png

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